Structural Design Engineer


Proposed two-story, 45,000 square foot commercial facility with a partial mezzanine. The structure had a metal deck and steel bar joist resisting system supported on interior steel columns and exterior precast masonry walls. The front entry area had a raised roof structure.


The design challenges for the structure were its location to the existing mall structure, interior mezzanine without connection to walls and raised roof at the entry. The proposed roof height was taller than the existing mall roof structure. We collaborated with the architect to lower the roof system at the interface of the existing structure so as to not impose snow drift loads, which can be substantial in Minnesota, on the existing roof structure. We also coordinated the locations of columns adjacent to the existing structure to minimize the impact of new construction adjacent to the existing construction. The interior mezzanine was open below which did not permit lateral stability of the mezzanine with interior walls. Therefore, the interior mezzanine was designed with cantilevered steel columns to provided lateral stability for the mezzanine. LA Fitness facilities normally have a prototype front entry and raised roof system. However, since this was an addition to the existing mall, this particular location did not have the prototypical raised roof. The support of the raised roof was designed specifically for this location based on the architectural design.

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