Structural Design Engineer


Design of a one-story classroom addition and one-story gymnasium addition. The classroom addition was 30,100 square feet while the gymnasium addition was 21,400 square feet. The classroom addition was a one-story addition with a center clearstory roof. The gymnasium stage addition included locker rooms and a stage at one end of the gym.


The design challenge for the classroom addition was the clearstory roof. The clearstory roof did not provide a continuous roof diaphragm to resolve the lateral load resisting system. The classroom roof was designed as several sub-diaphragms transferring the load to exterior masonry walls to provide stability for the structure. The gymnasium design challenge was the roof structure over the gymnasium. The roof structure had to meet depth requirements specified by the architect as well as support the gym equipment suspended from the roof structure. We facilitated a preliminary joist design with a joist manufacturer to insure the requirements of the architect could be met while also satisfying the load requirements of the roof structure. Both additions posed the challenge of their proximity to the existing structure for snow drift loads and adjacent foundations. The roof elevation of the additions were kept at or near the elevation of the existing roof to minimize the snow load impact on the existing structure. Steel columns were located adjacent to the existing structure to support the proposed structure. In lieu of installing conventional concrete foundations adjacent to the existing structure, we specified an intermediate depth foundation, which included helical piers, to prevent undermining or underpinning the existing structure.

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