Highland Engineering Technology Services

Highland Engineering offers our clients leading innovations in technology that recognize how methods for capturing data have been transformed in the digital age. The Faro 3D Laser Scanner, the Matterport 360 Camera and aerial drone imaging are powerful tools Highland Engineering offers for site analysis and Investigations. The value to our clients includes increased efficiency, high quality output and the economies of “virtual walk-throughs”.

3D Laser Scanner

Capture & Analyze Site Conditions

Highland Engineering’s use of the 3-D laser scanner enables the capture, analysis and sharing of the interior and exterior of complex geometries and large facilities in a short time frame and with a high level of accuracy. Laser scanners and engineering software solutions support efficient data collection, modeling and documentation of various site conditions including sophisticated architectural features to intricate layouts to large industrial facilities.

Verify Structural Integrity

Utilizing laser scanning allows accurate assessment, estimates and determination of the current integrity and future lifespan of structures such as bridges, industrial facilities, petroleum tanks and towers. By comparing and updating the 3-D models to existing conditions, repairs and retro ts are executed more e ectively while minimizing downtime.

3-D Model and Design

Laser scanning allows precise and complete capture of existing conditions for both engineering design or retro t tasks. This technology provides e ective documentation packages to determine tie-in points, centerlines or collisions for industrial maintenance and planning or to extract building and MEP components.

Application for Forensic Engineering

Using a 3-D laser scanner accurately captures any scene and creates a compelling presentation for insurance and legal scenarios. Today, 2-D diagrams are no longer enough. Using a laser scanner, Highland’s Engineers can accurately capture any scene and digitally bring that scene to a jury. Accurate measurements, veri cation of witness points of view, realistic animations and video y-throughs are all achieved from the scanned data.

3-D/360 Camera

The 3-D/360 camera is another valuable tool for client projects. This remarkable camera captures 2-D photography and 3-D data from job sites, and automatically stitches them into a complete, immersive 3-D model of the real-world job site.

Aerial Drone Imaging

The use of drones enable Highland to capture precise images from every perspective to comprehensively document a structure, incident or terrain. This technology produces outstanding visual records for hard- to-reach areas, questionable issues and previously hidden or inaccessible properties or structures.

Highland Engineering provides aerial reconnaissance, which produces 3-D digital surface models that enable architects, contractors and developers to overlay data on specific geographic coordinates and produce realistic project renderings.

Customer Experience – Maximizing Highland’s Technology

“As an architectural designer in California, I was thrilled with the technology Highland Engineering brought to my project in Chicago. The project spaces were analyzed with a 3-D laser scanner and a 3-D camera. It was great to be able to utilize this information throughout the development of the project. I had the ability to virtually walk through the space anytime – directly from my desk in California – without physically visiting the site. This allowed us to save time when needing to verify eld conditions at any time of the day.”

— Gabriel Santos, Designer, Shimoda Design Group, LLP

“Highland Engineering provided 3-D laser scanning and a 3-D camera for our project at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. Use of this technology puts the existing space at the fingertips of my project managers and my sub- contractors for planning, budgeting and bidding purposes. The technology Highland Engineering offers brought valuable detail and accuracy to the project, which reduced time delays and virtually eliminated costly construction refits.”

— Matt Bushman, Owner, Bushman Construction

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Highland Engineering Technology Services