Consulting Engineering

Highland Engineering is a consulting engineering firm assisting the construction industry and a forensic engineering firm assisting private parties, and legal and insurance professionals. Our staff and affiliates can meet the engineering needs of your project or legal ... Read More >

Forensic Engineering

Our investigative professionals complete a wide variety of engineering investigations on incidents which have caused property loss, casualty loss and/or personal injury. We use our scientific knowledge, testing, research and methodologies to analyze ... Read More >

About Highland Engineering, PC

Since our founding in 2002, we have focused our practice on providing consulting and forensic engineering services to a variety of clients. We are a team of professionals who pride ourselves on innovative design, thorough analysis and creative problem-solving ... Read More >


  • Commercial Building – Chicago, IL
  • Oil, Gas and Fuel Refinery Highland Engineering, PC
    Oil, Gas & Fuel Refinery
  • High School Additions – Martinsville, IL
  • High Rise Condominium – Chicago, IL
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